Why We Do it

Small businesses deserve better.

Small businesses are the fundamental building blocks of the US economy. More jobs overall are created by small businesses than by publicly-traded corporations. More innovation and new products and services come from small businesses than from large mature enterprises. The well-being of economically healthy communities is more directly impacted by the activity of small businesses than any other factor.

According to Census Bureau data, about 90 percent of all businesses in the US have twenty or fewer employees. In other words, the overwhelming majority of businesses in the US are small businesses.

Unfortunately, many of the systems that most directly and significantly impact business are geared almost exclusively for larger businesses. Political systems, financial systems, regulatory systems and many other components of the larger business landscape all seem to be focused on businesses with fifty or more employees.

Business brokers and intermediaries are no exception. The larger the value of a business, the higher the quality of intermediary services available. This makes sense for the intermediary, since the higher-value deals result in larger commissions. On the other hand, this leaves businesses with a value of $10 million or less with limited options and lower quality of service.

Acuity Mergers + Acquisitions exists to bring high quality professional services to small businesses with a value of $500,000 or more. We believe that building healthy small businesses is the key to growing healthy communities. We do our part to grow healthy communities in the Mid-West and beyond by providing top quality services to the people and lives that make up small businesses.