Who We Serve

Acuity’s toolbox is filled with tools that serve four basic client types. Many of Acuity’s tools apply to all four client types. Some skills and experiences are more specific to one particular client type. All of these tools work together to ensure that Acuity provides Superior Vision that leads to Superior Results.

The First-Time Buyer  client may be an Early-Career or Late-Career Individual looking to run their own business rather than work for one. This client is not currently running a business but is looking for an opportunity to get started. For more information about First-Time Buyers, click here .

The Growth Buyer  client is an established business looking to grow through acquisition. It is very often more cost-effective and less risky to grow by acquisition than to invest in organic growth. Big businesses rely heavily on acquisitions as a growth strategy. For more information about Growth Buyers, click here.

The Value Builder  is a business owner that wants to maximize the value of the business prior to the sale of the business or some other transition of ownership.  This client may be looking for assistance in strategic or tactical planning. This client may also be looking for help with planning for a transition of ownership to a family member or key employee.  In some cases, this client is looking for options to adjust the company’s capital structure. For more information about Value Builders, click here.

The Exiting Owner is looking to convert equity in the business into cash to fund a retirement plan or to accomplish some other life goal. Whether exiting to pursue other business interests, to be more fully involved in charity work or to invest in children, grandchildren or other meaningful relationships, every owner will at some point be an Exiting Owner. For more information about Exiting Owners, click here.