Exiting Owner

Al settles into the conference room chair behind a fresh cup of coffee. It is clear that Al is thinking about something other than his coffee.

Al informs Jim that he wants to sell his business. The ensuing question-and-answer session reveals that Al is growing frustrated with the pace of change in his business. Al also explains that he’s ready to make visiting grandchildren a full-time occupation.

Jim and Al discuss the different factors involved in selling a business. How does his wife feel about selling? Does he have management in place that will stay with the company? When Al leaves, what holes in management and operations will need to be filled? How will his customers react to a change in ownership?

At Acuity Mergers + Acquisitions, we help business owners like Al navigate every stage of exiting a business. We help set appropriate expectations at the very beginning of the process. We help map out the specific steps necessary to put the business in the strongest possible position. We actively market the business and assist those performing the due diligence for the deal. And we assist in preparing the owner and the business for closing financially, administratively and emotionally.