Value Builder

Jerry was told by a friend that businesses were worth three times their earnings. Jerry then considered how that formula applied to his business. The results just didn’t seem right, so Jerry made a point of finding Dave at the next Chamber of Commerce event to ask a few questions.

Jerry is concerned about accurately estimating the value of his business or several reasons. For one, he needs to provide his personal wealth planner with a somewhat accurate figure for the purpose of retirement planning. For another, he needs to know what direction to take in his strategic and tactical business planning. Jerry understands that “you don’t coast uphill,” and he knows that buyers will be looking for strong and improving financial performance.

At Acuity Mergers + Acquisitions, we help business owners like Jerry identify the value drivers in their business, assess the approximate market value of their business and provide insight into ways to improve business value. We work as a team with the business owner’s other professional advisers to provide well-rounded strategic and tactical guidance.